A Modern Classic

The Malbec 18 is a modern classic pocket cruiser– a fast, fun cabin sailboat for the whole family. This lightweight, fully beachable craft is easy to trailer and a delight to camp aboard, with a cockpit that seats six adults and a cabin that sleeps four. Performance features have been infused throughout, earning the Malbec 18 a nomination as a SAIL magazine Best Boat for 2018, and a Winners Circle Award for Best Pocket Cruiser in Cruising World’s 2018 Best Boats of the Year. The boat has twice been featured on CBS’ “The Price is Right.”

Just as importantly, the Malbec 18 is priced for new sailors, as well as experienced sailors looking to “right size” their sailing lifestyle!

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See the Malbec 18 in Action

Rave Reviews for the Malbec 18

“You could really have a blast sailing it…an intriguing little boat that’s priced for newbie sailors…” –Ed Sherman, Cruising World, Dec. 2017

“We love the way the Malbec 18’s chines, springy sheer and carefully modeled cabintrunk all work together…[it would make] a nifty little club racer”—SAIL Magazine, announcing Best Boats Nominees for 2018

“Charming…fun and responsive”—Cruising World new boat round up, Aug 2017

“A pocket cruiser by definition, but with performance features infused throughout the design…a modern deck plan and a large cockpit that offers space to relax as well as reach all the sail controls. The lead-filled swing centerboard is controlled from the cockpit, making it easy for one person to handle….Can accommodate six people out for a relaxing afternoon, four people racing, or a couple look to spend a weekend gunkholing…responsive and quick.”—SAIL Magazine boat review, Sept 2017.

The Malbec 18 was nominated as a SAIL magazine best boat for 2018.

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The Malbec 18 has twice been featured as a prize on CBS’ “The Price is Right”!


Quick Look at the Malbec 18

  • Lightweight, beachable cruiser with sleeping accommodations for a family of four
  • LOA: 18’, Waterline: 16,’ Beam: 7’2”, Draft: 10” to 3’6”, Mast height: 26’
  • Modern classic design features hard chines, aquadynamic, semi-planing hull shape
  • High stability ratio and positive flotation for safety
  • Ballasted swing centerboard with cockpit controls
  • Simple one person mast-raising system
  • Adjustable backstay for performance sailing
  • Spacious six-foot cockpit seats six adults
  • Open and airy cabin with V-berth for two and two quarter berths
  • Ample storage below

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Introducing the Revolutionary
Ventura 2300

Your Premium Pocket Yacht
Elegant Performance Under Sail or Power

  • 25+ knots with 90HP outboard
  • Deluxe, roomy cabin with RV interior
  • Sexy, eye-catching design
  • Planes under power or sail

The Ventura 2300 offers an elegant, revolutionary design destined to change trailerable boating forever. A sexy, curvilinear form has been paired with a seaworthy, planing hull–offering high performance and lots of sleek interior space on the water or on the road.

Powerboaters will enjoy up to 25 knots with a 90HP engine. Sailors will love the planing performance, estimated at 9+ knots offwind and 6.5 knots upwind. The seven-foot cockpit comfortably seats six, and offers a dashing wheel for the skipper.

All packed into a 23-foot miracle of modern marine engineering!

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