What to look for when deciding to rent a boat.

How to find a great boat rental company near you:

Discovering a great place to rent a boat close by to you could give you the option of heading out on the water whenever you wanted. The world or the sea, in this case, would be your oyster. So to speak. Discovering a reputable boat rental company that is near your location, however, isn’t always the easiest. In this post you will learn some of the best ways that you can find a local boat rental company near you: Continue reading “What to look for when deciding to rent a boat.”

Boat Building: What you need to get started

Boat building is a growing hobby these days. This task is one that is not only challenging but also extremely rewarding. Construction of any boat always begins with the help of a plan. With the right type of supplies, some patience, and some minor construction knowledge you can get to the point where you could build a quality wooden boat. You could also consider a boat built out of fiberglass materials to enjoy your local waterways at any time. Continue reading “Boat Building: What you need to get started”

Sailing Basics 101

What every beginning sailor needs to know:

The process of sailing may look like something that’s fairly effortless but it actually requires an extensive amount of management. Sailboating is a skill that can definitely be learned. In order to master the direction that sails can take you, it’s very important that you start off small. A small but manageable vessel can help you in the process of learning the basics. With enough training, you can control even larger vessels in the future. Continue reading “Sailing Basics 101”

The 6 Basic Sailing Knots You Need to Know

sailing knots

The Basics of Sailing Knots:

If you are serious about the idea of getting out on the water with sailing. You’ll need to consider learning some of the basic sailing knots required in order to secure cargo and equipment. Knowing how to tie up a vessel, how to fix the sails, how to tie on buoys to protect the boat, and even how to tie down your anchor to properly secure the vessel is important. Continue reading “The 6 Basic Sailing Knots You Need to Know”

Discovering Family Pocket Cruising

Here’s a lovely letter from a long-term pocket cruiser, encouraging newbies to the fun!

I’m thankful that people like yourself are compelled and willing to venture into the business of building a boat like the Melbec 18. I’ve been a self-employed professional videographer…so I know something about the insecurities of entrepreneurship… On the other hand, I know practically nothing about boat building; and I can’t contemporaneously represent the youth you are trying to attract to your product. However, I was in my mid-thirties with a very young family when I bought our West Wight Potter; so, I’ll offer what insights I can from that retrospective. Continue reading “Discovering Family Pocket Cruising”

Lovely Quote About Small Boats…

“A small sailing craft is not only beautiful, it is seductive and full of strange promise and the hint of trouble. If it happens to be an auxiliary cruising boat, it is without question the most compact and ingenious arrangement for living ever devised by the restless mind of man . . .”
From E.B. White’s essay: The Sea and the Wind that Blows.

New Year’s Day Sail!

A wonderful feeling to sail with the owners of the boat you built and collaborated on to customize. Great way to share the first day of a brand new year. We are very excited about this great pocket cruiser. We adopted a design from a naval architect in Argentina…but all of the improvements we made here in the US made her an even better boat.

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