What to look for when deciding to rent a boat.

How to find a great boat rental company near you:

Discovering a great place to rent a boat close by to you could give you the option of heading out on the water whenever you wanted. The world or the sea, in this case, would be your oyster. So to speak. Discovering a reputable boat rental company that is near your location, however, isn’t always the easiest. In this post you will learn some of the best ways that you can find a local boat rental company near you:

1. Check with a local marina:

Going into an office at a local marina or checking some of the message boards that could be up near a local dock, could help you find a place to rent a boat that operates out of a familiar place for you. You may even find a local boat owner that operates rentals out of the same arena that you visit that day.

2. Go to boat repair store:

A number of marine repair stores also offer a place to rent a boat At the very least a local marine mechanic should be able to list off a few individuals that provide boat rental services in your area as well.

3. Check a tourism site for your area:

Checking a tourism site like trip advisor could be one of the best ways you can find a place to rent a boat or charter in your area. It will also give you access to some online reviews so you can see the types of experiences that other people had. Even a quick Google search will likely pull up some tourism data on boat rentals in your area.

4. Check out local classified sites:

Renting from a local classified site or even a private rental can be another way that you could handle the process of boat rentals. A number of companies may even advertise their services on local classified sites like Craigslist or Kijiji. You might even be able to find some local boat rentals in your paper as well.  

Things to consider when planning to rent a boat:

Top 3 things to look for in any type of boat rental company:

1. Well maintained vessels:

You should be able to tell almost as soon as you step up to the dock if a boat is in good condition. If the boat seems to be running exceptionally rough or it hasn’t been cleaned or maintained you should not be afraid to consider avoiding the rental immediately. The vessel that isn’t well maintained could potentially leave you stranded or provide you with a poor experience.

2. Great and numerous online reviews:

When looking for a place to rent a boat online you should strongly consider looking at reviews. Reviews of boat rental companies or charters will often be an excellent indication of the type of experience that you can have. If you’re planning on chartering a boat it’s especially important that you take the time to choose a boat rental with great customer service.

3.Proper safety equipment:

When taking out a rental boat you need to make sure that it has all of the applicable safety equipment on board to adhere to legal standards. There could be a number of bylaws in place with regards to the safety even when renting a boat.

Things to look for on your new rental:

  • Bail Bucket
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Radio
  • Air Horn
  • Life Jackets (Check with Local Law regulations for proper amount)

Liability could incur if you are out in the boat and these safety items aren’t on board in of anf  an emergency.

The different types of boats that may be available near you:

When you do decide to go ahead and rent a boat, it’s likely that you can choose from a few different options even at your local marina. Here are some of the top types of boats that could be available near you:

Sailboat rentals:

Getting out in a sailboat rental could lead to a relaxing afternoon enjoying the heritage of boating. If you are fairly experienced at sailing, you may be able to consider renting a vessel on your own. Taking out a sailboat if you have never handled one before can be quite difficult. You may want to consider a guided sailboat rental if you are planning on going out for the first time.

A catamaran style sailboat, pocket sailboat or large sailboat design could often be one of the fastest vessels available for rent in your area. Keep in mind however that running a sailboat isn’t always a relaxing time.  With changing wind conditions and rough waves, you may have to perform constant adjustments and be watching far more often than with a powered vessel.

Taking sailing lessons, however, can be a very enjoyable experience and present you with new skills that you could keep for a lifetime!

Party Boat rentals:

A party boat rental is a favorite amongst many families. The big advantage of these types of boats is that they can fit an extended amount of people. They are great for activities such as fishing, snorkeling, or diving. Party boats are also extremely versatile. Renting one of these vessels can often give you the extra space needed to bring floats, jet-skis, or extended seating areas.

A party boat is far from a speedboat, however. In most cases, these are not made for maneuverability and they are really just designed for slower speeds. If you are planning on traveling a large distance or even pulling a tube behind the boat, you may want to consider a different type of vessel when your rent a boat.

Yacht rental/charter

A charter style or yacht rental is one of the most luxurious ways to enjoy a day on the water. With this option, almost everything is handled for you.

A chartered yacht rental handles the process of caring for your needs while you are out of the water. Any seasoned captain can take you some of the best diving spots or on a romantic sunset cruise. This option is a great way to have an entertaining day out on the water. All of your needs can be met and a full crew can handle operating the vessel.

A great option for a wedding party or business meetings/weekends.


As you can see there are many options when it comes to choosing to rent a boat in your area. Deciding on which option would be best for you between charters, sailboats, party boats and other style rentals can help you to make sure that you can enjoy the best day out on the water.

Consider some of these top selections when you are thinking of options to rent a boat near you.